Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend

I would just like to reach out to my friends and anybody that wants to listen. Reading about Mick Jagger’s girlfriend and her maybe killing herself over money issues ? I have made fortunes and I have lost them. I have lost so many people in the last two years I’m afraid to pick up the phone anymore. But killing yourself because your broke? My happiest times were when I had nothing more than a guitar on my back and a friends floor to sleep on. It was the challenge of trying to make it that kept me going dreaming the dream my brother and I would chip in to buy half a roasted chicken from Merit Farms in NYC we kept our food on the ledge as a fridge, because we had none, but we were alive and healthy could walk ,talk and see. Look at our Vets that are torn apart! they would have every reason to want to off themselves but NO! they are a shining example to us all out playing sports being an example to others. You don’t lay down like a coward, you get up and fight. Have courage, when you feel that way and we all have had those feelings call a friend that’s what were here for, take a drive, lay out in a field go to a concert but live. Life is beautiful and it’s short enough as it is, as you will see as you get older it races by like an Indy car. Love life like it loves you . God Bless you all. FS

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The Way I See It – Vol III


We are living in trying times: Terrorists, child predators , girlfriends murdering their boyfriends, IRS scandals, etc. So you are a juror, you take an oath that you can deliver a sentence of death, but now everybody is worried about themselves and how they are going to feel. How about the victims that have no voice? They are dead. Tortured. Murdered. Do your job and stop wasting the government’s time and money on these sub humans.

I just heard about these jurors in Connecticut who struggled about the decision on those scum who went into a home raped the mother, tied the daughters to a bed, raped them and burned them alive. We are going to have to take a no nonsense stand on everything from now on. These liars from the IRS (Lerner, Shulman and Miller). I would have them put in chains. How dare they try to insult the people of this country with their lies and playing with our money. I believe it all comes from the top and, if it does, someone is going to crumble. A hard line has to be drawn in the sand my friends.


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The Way I See It – Vol II


To all the people that I know or have known over the years and to my new friends on the internet who I just know by name:
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for your concern and kindness over the last few months that the Stallone family has suffered terrible loses. To lose family members at such young ages, Sage was 36 and my sister had just turned 52, is something no one expects. Read on…

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Frank Stallone featured in Hollywood Music Magazine

I’ve made the leap into the digital social media world and have my very first online magazine cover story. I’m very proud of the interview and I hope you all enjoy reading my stories and opinions on life and music.

Read it, share it, and go to my music page and buy some songs!

Frank You, very much.

Check out the article at:  Click Here

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The Way I See It

Welcome to my new blog page on my new website.  I’ve found myself using that word a lot these days…”new.”  I’ve got a new song being released, new photos, new venues to play my music,  new workout regimen, new understanding of technology, new hate-hate relationship with my computer, new experiences with my son, new manager, new commissions to pay, new shirt for my birthday, new restaurants, new scripts to read, new TV development meetings, new Facebook friends, new tweets (follow me!), new hair cut, new wine i tried the other day and it wasn’t too bad, new cool guitar picks, a new normal and a new understanding that life can change in the blink of an eye. Read on…

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