Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend

I would just like to reach out to my friends and anybody that wants to listen. Reading about Mick Jagger’s girlfriend and her maybe killing herself over money issues ? I have made fortunes and I have lost them. I have lost so many people in the last two years I’m afraid to pick up the phone anymore. But killing yourself because your broke? My happiest times were when I had nothing more than a guitar on my back and a friends floor to sleep on. It was the challenge of trying to make it that kept me going dreaming the dream my brother and I would chip in to buy half a roasted chicken from Merit Farms in NYC we kept our food on the ledge as a fridge, because we had none, but we were alive and healthy could walk ,talk and see. Look at our Vets that are torn apart! they would have every reason to want to off themselves but NO! they are a shining example to us all out playing sports being an example to others. You don’t lay down like a coward, you get up and fight. Have courage, when you feel that way and we all have had those feelings call a friend that’s what were here for, take a drive, lay out in a field go to a concert but live. Life is beautiful and it’s short enough as it is, as you will see as you get older it races by like an Indy car. Love life like it loves you . God Bless you all. FS

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  1. Eddy Nice says:

    His words are enriching. Thank you!

  2. Melissa Cash says:

    Such tragedy is so unnecessary ………. As said in Splender In The Grass…..”Grieve not, but find strength in what remains behind”……..

  3. Thor says:

    I think I’ll buy half a roasted chicken, drive to the Observatory, and eat it as I watch the sun go down. Your words are wise and inspire. Thanks Frank.

  4. Karen says:

    My happiest times were spending time in the mountains walking & camping being out in the wilderness. Having that physical ability taken away from me due to physical injuries was the most depressing, however I’m trying to reinvent a different way of getting it done since there are major road blocks. With your guitar on your back Frank, I know you have blessed many!!!

  5. KC says:

    If being broke was a reason to commit suicide, I would of been dead long ago. I remember I use to walk to school without breakfast in the morning and spend the whole day without food just drinking water from a rusty hose bibb in the school yard and walk back home again on an empty stomach. Not once did I thought about wanting to die, I was just grateful we could afford to go to school. Life can be rough in haiti. Till this day being in the U.S can be difficult but I struggle with courage.

  6. VictoriAnna says:

    Hi FS,

    Just heard the new songs and truly enjoyed listening in. I am refreshed by new sounds and can’t wait for you to come out with a new album, hint!

    Stay beautiful my friend!!!


  7. veronica analia says:

    hola fs soy veronica de argentina.muy ciertas tus palabras yo no tengo papa y perdi a mi mami hace poco pero tengo un esposo maravilloso y seis hijos t parece q tengo tiempo para pensar en suicidarme.t mando un abrazo y q dios t bendiga vero

  8. veronica analia says:

    la vida con sus subidas y bajadas es muy bonita cuando vas a venir a argentina

  9. John CC Stanford says:

    Well spoken Frank, been there; done that too. You are correct Sir. As a American Disabled War Veteran who did 2 tours, Persian Gulf War and Defence of the 38th parallel …I can firmly attest to what Frank is speaking about, and vouch for as well in goodness.
    Thank you Frank for your kind words and worlds of wisdom and knowledge. They called me Stanbo in the Army, for I was a Tank Commander. The Stallone’s Light is Pure in Good Light. Enjoy the sunshine, for I have died and was revived. Trust me, you will want to feel the sun on your skin, and hug that someone special; never losing grip forevermore… LOVE LIFE !

  10. Enrique says:

    You are very positive. Your opinions are very good and I would like you to write more often, as they are a breath of fresh air. Greetings from Spain. You are great!

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