The Way I See It – Vol III


We are living in trying times: Terrorists, child predators , girlfriends murdering their boyfriends, IRS scandals, etc. So you are a juror, you take an oath that you can deliver a sentence of death, but now everybody is worried about themselves and how they are going to feel. How about the victims that have no voice? They are dead. Tortured. Murdered. Do your job and stop wasting the government’s time and money on these sub humans.

I just heard about these jurors in Connecticut who struggled about the decision on those scum who went into a home raped the mother, tied the daughters to a bed, raped them and burned them alive. We are going to have to take a no nonsense stand on everything from now on. These liars from the IRS (Lerner, Shulman and Miller). I would have them put in chains. How dare they try to insult the people of this country with their lies and playing with our money. I believe it all comes from the top and, if it does, someone is going to crumble. A hard line has to be drawn in the sand my friends.


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  1. Mike Yevtuck says:

    I agree 100% when beyond a reasonable doubt men are caught committing horrible unspeakable crimes against women and children they should be taken off the planet in a harsh way so other freaks will fear the Justice and revenge of the Honest people and keep their sick twisted sadistic criminal desire to harm the innocent suppressed .

    We need to scare the hell out of criminals that prey on the helpless women and children in our world . We got to show them we will kill them in the most unpleasant ways . As far as Tax . Property tax is insane. The government local state or federal should never be allowed to take our main home away. That is just wrong taking away a persons home they paid off working hard their whole life because the home is in the USA. When will the US citizen be allowed to own the land our homes are built on ? can we ever pay that off and be left in peace ? never I guess. if you lose your Job worrying about food heat and medical bills is hard enough if you have no mortgage you should not have to worry about the government taking your home for property tax . We are taxed on everything we do we are taxed on everywhere we go from tolls to airline tax . Give us the right to own our own home abolish property tax.

  2. Eddy Nice says:

    I agree on your point of view. I am Brazilian and here in the Third World is worse.
    Thank God we have people like Frank Stallone to help us with his words in these hard times.

  3. roy says:

    hey frank how are you? i just saw you in San Gennaro feast .i recently sent u a message on Facebook from my wife’s acct its a pic of u and me from the san gennaro feast.anyway i got a message from u to go to this website for the way i read your last blog THE INDECISION OF JUSTICE.
    i know it looks like the world is going crazy,my wife keeps saying that this is signs of the end {shes religious}sometimes i don’t know how to respond to that ,cause it looks like there is no hope .what do u think about it frank?

  4. Karen says:

    At times I do feel there is no hope, but listen to some good music of Frank’s puts me in good spirits. Thank you for all your support for the Veterans. I wish I could come see you New Year’s Eve you are worth more than 20,000 you are an Angel. I miss listening to my step dad playing his guitar and my uncle Frank playing the piano. He was something else just beautiful made it look so easy. Both while listening to them I would just relax and fall asleep. My uncle Frank understood, but my dad he would get his feeling hurt when I would fall asleep. He would say is it that bad, no dad you play great. Both play by ear and my uncle would read music. My dad was a WWII Vet, but my uncle he was in a pow camp. He would play music to lift others spirits up. They broke his hands they accused him of sending messages secretly, but he said that was not it at all. He was just trying to help. He lost his dad they killed him, but my uncle and his mom escaped. He came to California and met my aunt in Burbank. His hands healed and he never had any problems with them. He continued to bless people him and my aunt was involved in the church a lot so he played for the church and would teach. You know how a person gets arthritis he never had any problems and they broke his hands really bad. They moved back to Gallipolis to be with my great grandmother before she died. My uncle Frank played until the day he died. You musicians are blessed you reach people, heal and give happiness. Bless you Frank!

  5. Deidre says:

    I believe Charlie Daniels had the best solution for rapists and child abusers – Take them to a swamp, tie to a stump and let the snakes, alligators and bugs do the rest.

  6. Karen R Scott says:

    Just like in the Military over the years many have carried out such horrible violent attacks, abusing power & their positions destroying another’s life. They didn’t even allow the person that was attacked & hurt by their own fellow soldier help; instead he or she was destroyed. The person that was hurt and or intentionally sabotage due to violence or prejudice, they don’t get help they are retaliated, due to corruption and prejudice and the huge corruption problem that has been allowed to go on in the Military for more than 30 plus years millions of lives have been destroyed. The injuries some are visible some are not, many are irreversible. It is not from combat. A person works hard to achieve their goals, dreams & hopes just to be destroyed & be taken by someone that isn’t compassionate that thinks it is ok to hurt another in such a violent way. There are some that are trying to change and correct the hateful violence & wrongdoing that is going on in the Military that is hurting so many, but many do not really care. I don’t understand why there has to be so much energy in hurting others all over the world. Because, what I’ve experienced & witnessed so much it has changed me I am not the same person that I was before joining the Army at age 25. I am not so nice anymore, but maybe that is what I need to be for now. I am not sure. I wished everyone had a heart like you Frank and many others I know that cares it would be such a better place. You musicians keep singing & playing your gifts reaches our spirits & souls, thank you!

  7. Kelita Chery says:

    Hi Frank! You are so right, every time I turn on the tv there’s a pervert. Being a single mother of 3 kids, I sometimes think I need an expendables army. I pity anyone that comes anywhere near my daughter and sons. They will need the army, navy and the marines to keep my crazy haitian ass from declaring war on their existence.

  8. M says:


    Great call on what faces us !

    ps. Loved seeing you play guitar with Austin Hanks at The Piano Bar
    a while back.

    pps. Bikers for Trump

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