The Way I See It

Welcome to my new blog page on my new website.  I’ve found myself using that word a lot these days…”new.”  I’ve got a new song being released, new photos, new venues to play my music,  new workout regimen, new understanding of technology, new hate-hate relationship with my computer, new experiences with my son, new manager, new commissions to pay, new shirt for my birthday, new restaurants, new scripts to read, new TV development meetings, new Facebook friends, new tweets (follow me!), new hair cut, new wine i tried the other day and it wasn’t too bad, new cool guitar picks, a new normal and a new understanding that life can change in the blink of an eye.

The Way I See It….every day is a new day to get it right. Whatever your “it” might be, you need to make it happen.  A thought is just a thought but actions are the difference between imagination and reality.  My road to “new” has been a life lesson in being open to trying something new, and believing that the best is still ahead of me.  I look forward to this new phase of my career and entering the blogisphere with my friends and fans…old and new.


4 Responses to “The Way I See It”

  1. moira says:

    way I see it, you are spot on, your enthusiasm contagious;-0

  2. Vicki Motsinger says:

    I really like the way you see it!

  3. Chris KWANTES aka F Christian Orenga de Gaffory says:

    Hey Frankie… Thanks for posting a pic on your fan page when we lived in Park Towne. It brought back a lot of great memories. I would like to recant but on a private message mode. I’m on FB …Look me up. Tell your mom I said hello and that I have never forgotten her kindness. Take care. Miss you buddy …

  4. Desiree says:

    Buongiorno mi chiamo Puricelli Desiree sono italiana di Milano e qui in Italia la situazione e’ simile terremoti sbarchi femminicidi chi più ne ha più ne metta insomma che fare?

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